1. i really don’t mind being by myself #3

  2. i really don’t mind being my myself #2

  3. i really don’t mind being by myself #1

  4. i did these little doodles about 8 months ago and forgot about them.  shocked to see they’ve been reblogged almost 7,000 times now.  interesting to read people’s notes on these drawings and see how others interpret them.  my intent with this piece was about stagnation rather than fashion, but i love that people appreciate my sense of style.

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  5. happy holidays

  6. self portrait doodle co-starring ghosts and a cat and this spring ‘13 moschino cheap & chic cardigan i am kind of obsessed by

  7. •••  wherever you go, there you are  •••

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  9. "same shit, different day"

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