1. reblogging an oldie but goodie from 2012 <3

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  2. gloss48 is doing a 6-day flash sale featuring 3-packs of my nail decals — check out this Q&A i did to celebrate the event!

  3. happy holidays, tumblr!

    here’s a little winter selfie i drew last year :3

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  4. "downtown whoville" by sara m. lyons
    8” x 10” mixed media (ink, colored pencil, vellum, found photograph)

    at Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow in Laguna Beach, opening 12/14.

    i don’t usually know what to do with myself for themed shows, but i ended up being pretty happy with this piece.

  5. my popular DESIGN-YOUR-OWN nail decals are back in stock in my etsy shop, and you can now customize your pack with 240 DIFFERENT DESIGNS, including all of my new “sweet & creepy” motifs (shown here in color)!


  6. check out my interview on the urban outfitters blog!

    Sara M. Lyons is one of our favorite illustrators on the ‘net, and lucky for us she sells her “Creepy Cute" nail decals online right here at Urban Outfitters. We wanted to find out a little bit more about this self-proclaimed "professional weirdo," so we asked her about her illustrations, her favorite nail inspo, and whether or not she hates Tumblr…

  7. tanie of unicorn parade ordered one of my "sea weed" prints not too long ago (incidentally, she was also my first portrait customer…thanks tanie! ♥♡♥).  her daughter symphony was scandalized by the nudity and drug use in my piece and was inspired to do her own version.  this is sym’s "sea teens" and i’m absolutely dying, i love it so much

  8. i recently got an iphone so naturally because i am a sucker for anything cute i also got a rabito case for it.  then i was like, you know what would make this even cuter?  if my phone also had a cute bunny face, so i made this silly little guy

    cute right??

    so i figured i’d share him with you guys too, in case anyone else would like to have a cute bunny face on their phone — just save the image to your phone and set it as your wallpaper

  9. cartwheel has shots of the creatures from the deep show up on their facebook including this one of my piece "sea weed" (which is available as a hand-touched giclee print for $25 at 225 forest in laguna beach til the end of the month soooo)