1. still some fast cars, cheap thrills prints available from von zos!  mine is getting hung in the new art space at hurley today and it looks pretty sick.

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  2. my von zos fast cars, cheap thrills prints arrived today to be signed and numbered!  there are still a few available at landofzos.com!

  3. YOU’RE DISGUSTING postcards and mini calling cards are in my etsy shop!

  4. use the coupon code TUMBLR for a lucky 13% off anything in my shop (like these “la lohan” postcard prints) through friday night, dudes


  6. "rebel girl" postcard prints and more are now for sale in my etsy store!


  7. tanie of unicorn parade ordered one of my "sea weed" prints not too long ago (incidentally, she was also my first portrait customer…thanks tanie! ♥♡♥).  her daughter symphony was scandalized by the nudity and drug use in my piece and was inspired to do her own version.  this is sym’s "sea teens" and i’m absolutely dying, i love it so much

  9. cartwheel has shots of the creatures from the deep show up on their facebook including this one of my piece "sea weed" (which is available as a hand-touched giclee print for $25 at 225 forest in laguna beach til the end of the month soooo)