1. here’s a family portrait of erin, matt, and bronwyn.

    i’m still taking commissions for the holidays!  email me for more information

  2. commissioned portrait of kristin

  3. commissioned portrait of katie, nick, and henry the cat

  4. another cute couples portrait!  michelle, her boyfriend, and their cute dog, commissioned for their anniversary

  5. a portrait of amanda and tyler commissioned as a wedding gift!  been doing a lot of tattoo-inspired couples portraits for wedding and anniversary gifts lately and they turn out so cute…i think they’d be great for save the dates, invites, thank-yous and so on too!

  6. commissioned wedding portrait of derek and mandy ♡♡♡

  7. commissioned portrait of sonia ♥♥

  8. here is a little portrait of molly, who writes wicked cheap in boston

  9. natalya and malcolm

  10. this is a commissioned portrait of ruby, who was kind enough to let me get a little weird and throw some huge ice cream cones in there ♡♡

  11. sarah and her cute lil family.  i can’t tell you how much fun i have drawing peoples’ pets


  12. portrait of dani and her husband jesse ♡♡♡

  13. commissioned portrait of leyla, a longtime internet friend and one of the most metal chicks i know

  14. commissioned portrait of rebecca and elijah with their puppy fletch

  15. ♥ commissioned portrait of aviva with her cat ♥