1. happy halloween!

  2. some candid shots from the newton’s third opening last weekend!

  3. hi here i am

  4. von-zos:

    @ooohsaracuda hanging out with her own art

    giving intense face with fast cars, cheap thrills in the hurley art container

  5. pretty accurate representation of how i’m feeling lately

  6. here’s the whatever forever iphone case live and in person!  this one belongs to my number one fan…my mom.  her official review:

    she beats me to the punch on everything!  mine should be here in a few days.

  7. worked on this really big drawing yesterday.  (instagram: @ooohsaracuda)

  8. signing and numbering my fast cars, cheap thrills prints

  9. von-zos:

    Seriously check out the @ooohsaracuda nails. That’s just a regular Monday afternoon for her.

    loving this screenshot of my print opening vid!  my dude JOSHR did my nails this weekend.

  10. left to right: sexy archie and friends, my first (kinda sad) attempt at spray painting, amanda bynes in oil pastel.

    things have been really hectic lately, but here are a couple of shots from my instagram of some things i’ve been doing in my (infrequent) free time.  even when i’m not working i seem to spend most of my time drawing!  i don’t get a ton of time to work on my own stuff these days, so it’s always nice to draw whatever i want.  

    follow me on instagram to see what i’m up to!  @ooohsaracuda 

  11. been SUPER busy lately so i’ve been neglecting the ol’ tumblr, but it’s only because i have some awesome shit coming up (more info later today)!  in the meantime here are a couple of photos from last weekend’s echo park public display of art/chalk walk.  i was doing my thing on the sidewalk with some my pals from ART GROUP 29, including trace mendoza, kilby rodell, matthew hodges, ray vargas, and obviously my main dude JOSHR (pictured above in child-size cowboy hat).  

  12. here are some photos from saturday night’s live sketch event at leanna lin’s wonderland!  check out her blog post about the night!

  13. drawing away at leanna lin’s wonderland with esther kim on saturday night!  we had so much fun!

  14. super ‘tude-y bio pic for von zos…i look way meaner here than i am in real life.  my first print with von zos will be out at the end of this month!

  15. stopped by pygmy hippo shoppe in l.a. this weekend with jennie to restock, drop off new stickers, consign a couple of jennie’s paintings, and treat ourselves to some goodies!