1. "fin touch" by sara m lyons, 2013.
    ink on newsprint mounted on 4’ x 2’ lauan.  scales are partially constructed of vintage archie comics and pages from “in touch” magazine.

    this lady will be on display at schooners at sunset in sunset beach, ca, starting tonight through june!

  2. tanie of unicorn parade ordered one of my "sea weed" prints not too long ago (incidentally, she was also my first portrait customer…thanks tanie! ♥♡♥).  her daughter symphony was scandalized by the nudity and drug use in my piece and was inspired to do her own version.  this is sym’s "sea teens" and i’m absolutely dying, i love it so much

  4. "sea weed"

    hand-touched prints at 225 forest in laguna beach through the end of the month

    (Source: proweirdo)