1. i really love putting together fliers for shows.  this is something i pulled together as a favor to a friend on the east coast.  he requested the girl have major boobies with tons of cleavage.  i’m not used to drawing circus tits of this proportion…but i had fun with it

  2. we’ll be at the redwood bar in downtown l.a. on wednesday the 25th with our friends sean wheeler y zander schloss and rock bottom 

    i always love sharing the bill with sean and zander, their songs are so perfect.  looking forward to this one, and i like how this flier turned out

  3. my band cunt sparrer plays with the mau maus, m.o.t.o., and rock bottom
    this saturday in san diego at the shakedown

  4. my band and some other bands, this sunday at the que sera in long beach

  5. quick flier for a last-minute show at alex’s on the 8th, i usually don’t hand-illustrate my fliers but this was super quick and easy.  if you’re long beach local and feel like getting silly this friday you should come out

  6. flier for night birds/toys that kill/rough kids/aukerman/vultures united