1. here’s the official link for my first collaboration with fresh tops!  just a fun edit of my original whatever forever design.  the fresh tops team was so cool to work with and i’m looking forward to doing more collabs with them in the future! 

  2. ♡ ♡ ♡ ASHTRAY RINGS ARE HERE! ♡ ♡ ♡
    black, pink, or red!  i currently have a very limited quantity!


  3. i did these little doodles about 8 months ago and forgot about them.  shocked to see they’ve been reblogged almost 7,000 times now.  interesting to read people’s notes on these drawings and see how others interpret them.  my intent with this piece was about stagnation rather than fashion, but i love that people appreciate my sense of style.

    (Source: proweirdo)

  4. weird mickey girls. kind of a fashion illustration i guess

    (featuring lazy oaf "spaghetti hands" skirt and creep street "miss meeky" t-shirt)

  5. self portrait doodle co-starring ghosts and a cat and this spring ‘13 moschino cheap & chic cardigan i am kind of obsessed by

  6. creepy girls in mcqueen coats.

  7. these are really toeing the line between cute and extremely creepy…i kind of want them

  8. what i’ve been wearing lately

  9. it’s been a couple weeks since i’ve a done a ~fashion post~ so here’s a few things i’ve been wearing lately.  i also post my outfits on instagram ♥♡♥

  10. i don’t do the fashion blogging thing anymore but i’m kind of a compulsive outfit photographer, old habits die hard

  11. heading to vegas tomorrow night for punk rock bowling, this is what i’m packing.  when i travel i like to do a quick sketch of all the clothes i’m bringing before i go so that i can see everything i have with me at a glance without dumping out the entire contents of my suitcase all over the hotel room floor.  it’s easy to pack when all your shit basically looks the same.

    if you’ll be at prb this weekend, i’ll be the one poolside at the golden nugget with the miller high life bikini and the bitchin tan.  holler