1. #wip shot of the cover illustration i did for an upcoming zine on female solidarity called “harvest spoons” by a supremely talented friend of mine

  2. "downtown whoville" by sara m. lyons
    8” x 10” mixed media (ink, colored pencil, vellum, found photograph)

    at Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow in Laguna Beach, opening 12/14.

    i don’t usually know what to do with myself for themed shows, but i ended up being pretty happy with this piece.

  3. little work in progress shot of something i’m working on for a grinch-themed show next month. green, green, green

  4. lindsay lohan arrives at LAX
    sara m. lyons

  5. a little w.i.p. shot of a really fun project i’m finishing up.  work in progress pics are so underwhelming when you’re working digitally, but i’m really excited to share this with you guys…hopefully soon!  

  6. "fin touch" by sara m lyons, 2013.
    ink on newsprint mounted on 4’ x 2’ lauan.  scales are partially constructed of vintage archie comics and pages from “in touch” magazine.

    this lady will be on display at schooners at sunset in sunset beach, ca, starting tonight through june!

  7. worked on this really big drawing yesterday.  (instagram: @ooohsaracuda)

  8. isis-nicole:

    Featuring customized nail art decals + stickers

    Cray cray set of crayons shaped like a bottle of nail polish

    pre-order inquires: theisisnicole@gmail.com

    i am ALMOST DONE illustrating an amazing coloring book and exclusive nail decals for the amazing isis nicole!  i’m having so much fun with this project!  email theisisnicole@gmail.com for pre-order information!

  9. CREEPY CUTE TEMPORARY TATTOOS ARE HERE!  i truly die at how adorable they are!

  10. the adorable esther kim and i will be doing live sketching at leanna lin’s wonderland in eagle rock on saturday, april 13th, for NELAart gallery night!  esther will also be signing her mini books, and we’ll have limited edition nail decals featuring both of our art!  come by and check it out, it’s going to be really cute!

  11. been working on web graphics for omg bren and they’re turning out so cute…which is no surprise because bren is truly adorable!

  12. ladybeast

  13. almost done with this ladybeast.  (from my instagram ♡)

  14. pink girl beast monster…slowly but surely.

  15. pageantpunx:

    ok, “whatever forever” has BLOWN THE FUCK UP in the past few days so i will be making prints of this piece really soon.  thanks to everyone who’s reblogged this piece and posted it elsewhere on the web!  do me a favor — if you see it posted uncredited anywhere, just throw my name on there for me!  ♡ ♡

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