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    these are finally heading to the printer this weekend!

  2. something from my sketchbook 

  3. lindsay lohan arrives at LAX
    sara m. lyons

  4. took the blue line from lb to dtla on tuesday to kick it with vonzos and doodled the other girls riding alone on the metro

  5. reblogging some old shit…this is the color for my cute & sleazy color nail decals and tiny sticker packs, sans outline layer.

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  6. this little text doodle goes out to all you ripoff artists and talentless thieves! 

    xoxo, gossip sara.

  7. left to right: sexy archie and friends, my first (kinda sad) attempt at spray painting, amanda bynes in oil pastel.

    things have been really hectic lately, but here are a couple of shots from my instagram of some things i’ve been doing in my (infrequent) free time.  even when i’m not working i seem to spend most of my time drawing!  i don’t get a ton of time to work on my own stuff these days, so it’s always nice to draw whatever i want.  

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  9. personal shit.

  10. been taking breaks from photoshop and assembling sticker packs and decals by hand-drawing some ac/dc valentines. i think i’ll do 6 in all

  11. whatever forever © sara m lyons 2013

  12. congratulations

  13. passive aggressive conversation hearts

  14. i did these little doodles about 8 months ago and forgot about them.  shocked to see they’ve been reblogged almost 7,000 times now.  interesting to read people’s notes on these drawings and see how others interpret them.  my intent with this piece was about stagnation rather than fashion, but i love that people appreciate my sense of style.

    (Source: proweirdo)

  15. happy holidays