1. oh hey, here are some beyonce nail decals i designed exclusively for emerging thoughts.  they’re available for preorder here!

  2. harvestspoons:


    here is my complete finished cover illustration!  follow harvestspoons for more information about the zine

  3. #wip shot of the cover illustration i did for an upcoming zine on female solidarity called “harvest spoons” by a supremely talented friend of mine

  4. here are my black-and-white cute & sleazy nail decals (and lots of other fun nail stuff!) in the current issue of tipsy!

  5. tiny temporary tattoos are back in my shop!


  6. Anonymous asked: Do you do design work? If so, how much do you charge for each design? Maybe for a shirt?

    yes!  you can email me at misslyons@gmail.com for more information about commissioning artwork and illustrations.

  7. "draw a picture of your biggest fear," a little peek at my upcoming mail-order interview with nicole daddona (ifihaver.blogspot.com).


  8. Anonymous asked: is society6 worth it to sell art?

    society6 is a decent resource if you can’t personally afford to print or manufacture items like giclee/canvas art prints, media cases, t-shirts, etc. the quality of their products is great, and the site really does feature a pretty impressive roster of talented artists.

    that said, for me society6 is like a supplemental shop; kind of a placeholder until i can afford to produce things like apparel on my own.  this is because the artist’s profit is pretty minimal.  you’re able to set your own prices for the giclee prints, but everything else has a set price for which you get a flat 10% — so, for instance, you only see $3.50 for every $35.00 iPhone case that gets sold. 

    i can see how some artists might be able to make this viable, but personally i mainly use my shop to provide things i’ve been asked to produce but don’t yet have the ability to make myself.  i figure if i can’t manufacture my own “best buds” cell phone cases (or whatever), at least i can have some available on society6 — that way the people who want them can still buy them, and it also gives me a little additional protection from assholes who try to rip off my work. 

    so i do think it’s worth checking out — i’m really happy with the quality of society6’s products, and their customer service is excellent both for artists and customers.  it’s definitely a great option for some people, especially if you are a part-time artist or have just one or two pieces you’d like to print or make available for purchase, but i wouldn’t count on making a huge profit on society6 alone without listing a ton of really excellent work and doing a lot of promoting.         


  9. Anonymous asked: what's the name of the shape of your nails?

    i like to call ‘em my claws, but at a nail salon this shape is usually just called a pointy nail!  some people describe this style as “stiletto,” but actual stiletto nails are much longer and sharper, like in my deadly stiletto illustration for tipsy magazine.

  10. NYLON magazine loves my stuff! 


  11. Anonymous asked: are you married? i couldn't image you haven't been swooped up yet, since you are so lovely :)

    fellow artist JOSHR is my partner in crime / the love of my life.  we live together, but we’re not hitched (yet)!

  12. informational.

  13. here is a pretty model wearing my officially licensed WHATEVER FOREVER crop top from freshtops…and here is me wearing the same top!  this edit of my original illustration is exclusive to freshtops, and last time they sold out they were out for a while, so get on it!

  14. i have some illustrations of in the current issue of TIPSY magazine!  this is my favorite drawing i did for the “wicked nail shapes” feature.  get your hands on a copy at tipsyzine.com!

  15. something from my sketchbook