1. here are my cute & sleazy nail decals hangin out in “bag check” in the july issue of nylon!

  2. sketching some teen witch comix


  3. monsterssoutside said: ive had things never get scanned but still get where they were supposed to be going, dont lose hope!

    THANK YOU!  i’m hoping / guessing this is what has happened, because the other stuff i shipped out on the same day is out for delivery or has already been delivered.  a friend of mine used to work for the post office and says it happens all the time so my fingers are crossed!  i just feel bad because i know my customers are waitin’!


  4. USPS lost half my Etsy packages last week.

    I’m so frustrated and really hoping the items just didn’t get scanned and are still in transit to their destinations, but I’m not keeping my fingers crossed.  I’m really sorry to everyone who is waiting on stuff — doing my best to email everyone who I have tracking information for, but if you got an email on 5/27 that your order shipped and still haven’t seen it, please send me a conversation on Etsy.


  5. #yesallwomen


    I’m sad and tired. I have been trying and failing to articulate my sad and tired feelings for days now. I don’t know why I have such a need to say these things out loud – especially when I am so fortunate to be surrounded in life and in this corner of the Internet by bright, strong, incredible women and equally great men, many of whom who have already said what I am about to say in much better ways – but I can’t shake the feeling that not saying anything would be a failing on my part. I truly believe that not saying anything is being complacent in the problem, and on this issue I feel like I will never be able to say enough.

    The wake of the Isla Vista massacre has been both emotionally exhausting and fundamentally terrifying. It’s heartening to watch the dialogue opening up in the form of ‪#‎yesallwomen‬, whenwomenrefuse.tumblr.com, and myriad long-form articles and blogs and beautifully worded Facebook posts, but at the same time it also strikes me as horrifically sad. Sad because each and every woman I know is truly superlative. Women are seriously fucking incredible. We are smart and strong and beautiful and funny and talented and worthwhile. But more than all of those things we’re scared.

    We’re scared we are still in danger. We are always in danger. We’re scared because men tweet things like “this #yesallwomen trend doesn’t mean shit, y’all still getting raped.” We’re scared because we know men who casually shrug and say things like “who hasn’t thought about doing what he did?” as if that isn’t a completely horrifying thing to say, as if the concept of exacting bloody revenge on the women who have rejected you isn’t a completely horrifying thing to consider. We’re scared because men in the public eye like Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow get defensive and tweet things like “how fucking dare you” to the women who point out that maybe the media suggesting that average-ass men are all entitled to Playmates MIGHT be part of the problem here. We’re scared because for every man that has stood in solidarity with us, we know for a fact there is another who fundamentally hates us. We’re scared because we know that right now, thousands of men are making a martyr out of Elliot Rodgers.

    In my life I have been harassed, assaulted, stalked, insulted, demeaned, intimidated, and threatened by men more times than I can possibly count – and I consider myself lucky in that my experiences have been mild compared to far too many women. I don’t want to be afraid when I’m putting gas in my car by myself at night. I don’t want to have to carry weapons disguised as cutesy accessories everywhere I go. I don’t want to have to ask security guards to walk me across empty parking lots, I don’t want my defenses to automatically rise whenever I pass a man on the sidewalk, I don’t want my boyfriend to have to take up jogging if I want to take up jogging because he’s afraid of me running alone. I don’t want to have to think about whether the clothes I put on in the morning are going to invite unwelcome comments from strangers on the street. I don’t want to know three different women who have been told “I hope you get raped” in the past month alone. I don’t want to live in a world where people have sympathy for scum like Elliot Rodgers. I don’t want to be fundamentally fearful of men. But this is my everyday reality, and this is the reality of women everywhere.

    I know that the world is not going to change, but I also know we can’t continue to sit in silence as casual misogyny continues to poison the world around us. So I beg you, when you see bullshit, say something. Please be an active part in the solution.

    Women – this means speaking up about your experiences to whatever extent you feel comfortable. Speak up against problematic language and trains of thought — from people of all genders. Correct people when they express inaccurate views about feminism, rape culture and women in general. It’s so easy as a woman to want to fade into the background when this stuff comes up — to not want to be seen as a feminist killjoy, a bitch, or “that girl.” But we need more killjoys, we need more bitches, we need way more of “those girls.” The more we all stand up and say we are mad as shit, the more people have to listen.

    I do understand that there are situations in which standing up or defending yourself as a woman is just too scary. That is super fucked up and indicative of the problem we face every day, and it is also where our male allies need to come in.

    Men – BE AN ALLY. Don’t be defensive or derailing when women speak about the problems women face. Listen and learn. Do not attempt to conflate male issues with female ones. When your friends say shitty misogynistic stuff, tell them why it’s fucked up. When you are in public places and you see men acting aggressively toward women, be the dude that stands up and puts a stop to it. Do not expect a reward for being a non-terrible person. Being a non-terrible person is its own reward.

    My friends, I am sad and tired. I don’t want to be sad and tired anymore. I don’t expect to ever not be pretty sad and pretty tired over this stuff, but I would like to one day bring some kids into a world that is not so scary for women. Maybe if we all try harder to be part of the solution, this could be a start.



  6. sex-weedd said: heeey! i don't normally use tumblr but here it goes: i found your post on how brandy melville stole one of your art designs and put it on their t-shirt, this happened to another girl. here's her link btw- instagram(.)com/p/obhouHJhw1/. sorry it doesn't allow links. it's horrible they don't give credit for these designs, i have not bought from them since. hope this opens some people's eyes to how brandy rips from us consumers.

    it’s such a bummer, i feel so bad for megan and i know exactly how she feels.  unfortunately brandy melville is notorious for this kind of blatant theft, and they have a lot of measures in place designed to protect them from litigation in these instances.

    i was dicked around by multiple people working for brandy melville for over a month and ultimately was unable to get anything done.  i never saw any money for the work they stole from me and i was never apologized to.  instead i wasted a lot of money and several weeks of my life trying to rectify a situation that could have easily been prevented if anyone who worked for brandy melville — particularly LEONARDO “JESSY” LONGO, who works for the brand and who lied to me multiple times both via email and on the phone regarding this issue — had a shred of integrity.

    the silver lining is that since then i have had the good fortune of meeting several reputable people in the fashion industry, all of whom have nothing but terrible things to say about brandy melville.  they have literally zero respect for artists, as a result they get literally zero respect in the industry and frankly should get literally zero business from anyone who has even the slightest modicum of human decency.

    i wish the best to megan miller.  i know what a shitty situation this is and how powerless it can make an independent artist feel.


  7. Anonymous said: Hi Sara! I was looking through my instagram and I stumbled upon this post from freshtops (that's the username) and it was a pic of your drawing (The whatever forever hand ) made into a tank top! I really dont know whether they've asked for your permission but if they haven't asked for your permission , I'll report them! :)

    thanks for reaching out!  the WHATEVER FOREVER shirt on fresh tops is actually a licensed collaboration!  you can see in the description on the site they mention my name:


    this is currently the only licensed whatever forever product that i’m not personally selling via etsy or society6!


  8. Anonymous said: hi sara! i have a question about your digital inking process. do you trace over photos then fill in the detail? the close-up wip pic on your instagram with a lady's heel, a pizza box, and a coke can had me wondering because the coke can isn't your drawing. also, can't wait for your thick thighs prints hope they will be available soon!

    depending on what i’m drawing, i will sometimes use photos as a reference!  i freehand most things but when i’m working digitally sometimes i like to plug in a photo for scale, especially if i’m drawing a bunch of things that need to look about the right size in relation to one another.  so the coke can you can see in this picture was plugged in so i could try and get it to the right size in relation to the pizza box and the girl’s foot that i’d already drawn:

    and then you can kind of see the coke can i ended up drawing in this picture (though the outline layer is turned off here so it isn’t very clear):

    if i have the items at hand i’ll often just set them up physically and reference them that way.  but sometimes when i’m working digitally i do use photos for reference out of necessity, especially when i’m trying to get things to scale as shown above!  perspective can be tricky for me at times (especially when i’m not drawing people!) so having a visual reference can definitely help.

    and thank you!  the my thighs touch bc they love each other prints should be here in the next week or so!

    © sara m. lyons 2014  ♥  www.saramlyons.com

    these are finally heading to the printer this weekend!


  10. laveyan-lamb said: Hello! Your temporary tattoos are so adorable, do you have an stickers of the satanic goat for sale by any chance?

    my drippy goat bb is available as a sticker in my CREEPY CUTE sticker pack here! https://www.etsy.com/listing/187561089/creepy-cute-sticker-pack-new


  11. kushandwizdom said: Hey, Are you available to hire?

    yes!  email me at misslyons@gmail.com for business inquiries!


  12. Anonymous said: don't know if you actually check your asks anymore but NefariousLaboratory and shopAlienBabe on etsy are selling stuff with your designs

    thanks for the heads up.  i do check my asks periodically but not nearly as often as i need to!  thanks again!


    get your hands on these creepy cuties — a brand-new nail decal pack and a new 15-sticker set featuring some of my classic CREEPY CRUISERS illustrations!



  14. Anonymous said: sorry if this has been asked before but do you ship outside us? maybe to england? if you dont already you should definitely do it, i need those nail decals baaaaaaaaaaad, amazing!!!!!!!

    i definitely do!  i ship worldwide from my etsy shop!  www.etsy.com/shop/saramlyons


  15. beashmo said: I almost exclusively use your sticker pack in the PicCollage app and I wish you had your own so your could feature more of your art. I love it. It deserves its own app. :)

    aww, thank you so much!  i had so much fun working on that sticker set and i’d love to do another one someday.  making an app with my own stickers is actually kind of a dream of mine!