2. the 90210 decal from my TOTALLY 90’s nail decals exclusively at emerging thoughts, as seen on the ring finger of this super 90’s model in this month’s NYLON magazine!


  3. Anonymous said: is making art your full-time job? how did you get started out? and any advice for artists trying to get where you are? sorry for all the questions!

    yes, i’m a full time artist / professional weirdo!

    it was a long slog and until super recently i had a part-time job to help make ends meet (and to keep me around people during the day, which is a challenge now that i’m working for myself full time). 

    my current business has been growing for a few years, and it has definitely been a process of trial and error.  it all started during the recession, when i lost the office job i’d been working since i was 19.  i was 25 and had no formal education and no real direction, but i’d been drawing and making things my whole life, and so i decided to see where that could take me.

    it took me about two years before i hit on stuff that really worked, and from there it was just about maintaining the momentum.  i would guess it was a combination of my original “cute & sleazy” nail decals and my “whatever forever” illustration that really gave me the push i needed to get my work in front of an audience.

    some people have the impression that i’m super successful and raking in loads of cash from my work.  i want to make it clear that while i’m happier than i’ve ever been, i don’t make a ton of money - right now, i make less than i did at that office job i mentioned at the beginning of this post.  art isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but it is hugely satisfying to be able to do what you love as a career, so it’s been worth it to me to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to be able to afford to live comfortably off my own work.  

    i’m actually in the process of starting a new blog and i’ll tackle this topic in a lot more detail in the future! 


  4. rainboob said: do you hand draw every single sticker?? that must be tedious!

    i drew them digitally so i only had to draw them once, but i do cut them out by hand every time, which can def be a little tedious!  i like to cut stickers while i watch trashy reality tv on hulu.

  5. nylon mag is feeling my TOTALLY ’90s decals!  cop them exclusively at www.emergingthoughts.com!


  6. vincent-van-gay said: I Just bought 10 babewolf stickers! Awesome!

    RAD, thank you so much! they’ll go out in the next few days! 🙆💖👯

  8. 💁💁💁💁💁

  9. if you’re going to be in san diego for comiccon, stop by space 4 art in the east village on thursday night and check out the QANVAS BY QUIZNOS show!  myself and 50+ other artists with roots in comics, graphic art and lowbrow have done superhero-themed work on quiznos sub wrappers.  the pieces will be up for silent auction with proceeds benefiting artreach, a charity organization that funds art programs in local elementary schools.  (also there will be an open bar!)

    here’s a teaser of my mixed media piece for the show, “heroine addicts (comiccon girls)”!


  10. Anonymous said: As a long time fan of your work seeing your logo on the bottom of that mug is really exciting and just so fucking cool! I'm so excited for you, and I cannot wait until you take over the world!

    awww, thank you so much!  it’s really exciting for me too :)

  11. so stoked to announce that my official SARA M. LYONS “WHATEVER FOREVER” mugs are now available in stores and online at Urban Outfitters Europe!  thanks so much to abbbyland from Urban UK for the photo and also for being a rad person to work with!


  12. SEALED BY FATE  - sara m. lyons 2014

    been working my way through buffy while i draw / make nail decals / cut stickers / fill etsy orders the past few weeks, so i did this little drawing.  i’ll probably do prints or stickers or something in the next couple weeks.

  13. #wip shot of a silly piece i’m working on for an upcoming show (from my instagram)


  14. Anonymous said: dollsofthestars on etsy is selling creepy doll shirts with your whatever forever design

    LOLLLL WHAAAAAT AREN’T PEOPLE JUST THE STRANGEST? it’s amazing, i love you anon

  15. everything is better when you’ve got your best buds!  postcard prints are back at http://saramlyons.etsy.com and in #nylonshop!