1. hand lettering on my ipad

  3. my SWEET & CREEPY NAIL DECALS are part of the 2014 time capsulein the 15th anniversary issue of NYLON, on newsstands now!

  4. recently i joined the future and got an ipad…been fucking around in procreate trying to figure out how to draw on this thing. it’s fun but totally different than working on a wacom tablet or by hand!

  5. reblogging an oldie but goodie from 2012 <3

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  6. i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted!  i’m going to try to get through my unanswered asks over the next few days, and also post some new work (and new products!), but before i get to that i want to thank all my followers and customers for being so fucking awesome. 

    i get a lot of messages here on tumblr and via email letting me know about instances of my work getting ripped off.  i don’t publish any of the asks i get about this stuff, but i do read them all and follow up on each one.  i can’t tell you how much i appreciate these messages, because i always don’t have the time to stay on top of all that stuff myself.  you guys have helped catch a lot of potential nightmares before they happened and i can’t thank you enough! 

    so please keep giving me the heads up about this stuff — even if it doesn’t always get acknowledged on my site, it really means a lot to me.    

    that said, i also want to respectfully ask my friends and followers to please not be rude to any individuals or businesses on my behalf.  inspiration/originality can be a dicey subject, and while i certainly acknowledge that there are instances which are too similar to be coincidental, there are just as many which really are cases of artists having similar aesthetics or responding to similar trends. regardless of intent, i don’t want anyone to be called out unfairly. 

    it’s one thing to (respectfully!) comment on an instagram post which features my uncredited illustration and tag me as the artist — i really appreciate that kind of thing, and it’s the right thing to do, especially with social media’s landscape being the way it is.  however, it’s another thing entirely to send mean comments or hateful messages to anyone, whether you feel they deserve it or not.  i check out every single link and lead that’s sent to me, and i deal with them all as i feel is necessary — so trust that if there is an issue that needs to be taken care of, i will take care of it!

    guys, at the end of the day, i am a really honest and drama-free person.  i work hard doing stuff i love and that’s pretty much all there is to me.  other artists, illustrators, and nail decal designers are not my competition, they’re my colleagues — there’s room for everyone!  i get satisfaction from the knowledge that i put my own blood, sweat, and tears into things that are 100% original and true to me, and i’m so glad that i’m able to connect with so many amazing people through my work.  i wish the same satisfaction for every artist, and i’m so grateful for the support of all my followers and customers. 

    don’t forget you can always reach out to me via email (misslyons@gmail.com) or in my ask box — about this stuff or anything.  i really do love you!

    sara m. lyons

  7. my PIZZA nail prints are on buzzfeed!  to celebrate, take $2 off any purchase of $10 or more in my etsy shop until thursday 3/6 — just use the code PIZZAPARTY at checkout! 

  8. pulled my only remaining "sea weed" print out of the garage today

  9. i love this submission of ivy wearing my 3 bad kitties nail decals!

  10. another shot of my beyonce decals for emerging thoughts, photographed by ourcitylights!  my nails are a little rough but you’ll notice the decals themselves look **flawless

  11. hellotanyanails:

    Two things! I’ve finally set up a Facebook page! ✨http://ift.tt/1dvGkYW ✨ if you’re that way inclined. Secondly, @saramlyons is amazing and designed this sweet and creepy logo for me.

    here’s the logo i designed for new zealand-based nail artist HELLO TANYA!  check out her pages for super killer nail art (and the cute background i drew for her tumblr as well!).

  12. adoringbeyonce:


    for everyone reblogging — i don’t know how the link got removed from the photo, but my beyonce decals are exclusively available at www.emergingthoughts.com!  when you reblog, please include the purchasing info! 

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  13. anauthenticreplica asked: hi Sara, i'd love to buy the "best buds" phone cases but i see they arent on your etsy page. how can i get my hands on this awesomeness?

    thank you so much!  i don’t manufacture my phone cases myself, so they can be found in my society6 shop!


  15. Anonymous asked: Hey Sara, do you do temporary tattoos? 👽💕

    i have a few styles of tiny temporary tattoos in my etsy shop! 

    if you’re interested in designs that aren’t listed, or in something custom, you can always send me a conversation via etsy or email me at misslyons@gmail.com!